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Here in the shop you will find some of the repairs that have been made, repairing and posting would be a full time job if I did this for all the repairs. So you just got a family heirloom dresser, it looks good in the photos the family sent you, but they didn’t tell you that it has been setting in the family barn for the last 20 years, now what?

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So this is just some of the damage you can expect to see and the damage you see makes it hard to open drawers, wobbly and creaky.

drawer - cabnet damage 1

So you pulled the drawers out and you see nails like the nails in the left photo this repair is not a great way to repair a drawer. Photo on the right shows damage from nails pulling out. This drawer needs to be disassembled, cleaned, and reglued using a premium wood  glue and clamps. Now its time to look at the back.

cabinet back finial

So now we’re looking at the back you can see as we rock the dresser back-and-forth the gap between the top brace and the leg opens and closes. This is just one corner but on this dresser all four corners looked like this and it wobbled and creaked. With all the damage so far it’s time to pull out one of the drawers.

LH & RH guides

With the drawer out we can see inside the dresser and you can see that both glides are well-worn and one guide is missing all together. Missing guide equals jamming drawers. Okay let’s look at the drawer now.

drawer dis 1

 This drawer was held together with nails so it was easy to disassemble and show all the damage in one photo. Starting on the left, the bottom of the drawer has damaged from the drawer stops, the sides have nail damage and the bottom grove on the sides that holds the bottom of the drawer in place, has been repaired with nails and are worn from usage. All the dresser drawers must be solid not loose and wobbly. This dresser is still in the shop, go here to see repair in work.

  Some vendors will tell you all this because it’s old, and yes it is, but how long can you live with it, and will it fall apart on the way home. All of these photos are a buyer beware when buying a piece of furniture at an antique flea market.

Happy hunting

Mr. Rusty Pearls


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