Dresser Repair

Here is the latest big repair, I say big repair because this unit needs a lot. All the drawer glides, guides and front crossmembers need to be replaced, all the drawers need to be rebuilt.DSC04703


The chest disassembled ready for glides and guides removal and one of the worn-out glides and guides.

sides striped down

All the glides and guides removed to duplicate new ones, and one of the guides with a not so good repair.

new guides

 Both the side panels with new drawer glides guides glued up and drying.

completed sides

The completed side panels waiting for new crossmembers.

chest crossmembers installed

New crossmembers installed and clamped up.

chest f & b

And here’s a picture of the front and back of the cabinet, now it’s time to start repairing all the drawers.

drawer dis 1

 This is one of the drawers disassembled all four looked like this with similar damage. Starting at the left the drawer bottom has grooves from rubbing on the drawer stops, the grooves were almost worn through the bottom. Next are the sides, you can’t see it in the photo but the sides are taperd 1/4 inch from the front to the back and the groove that holds the bottom is cracked.

drawer dis 2

In this photo you can see the nail damage and the repaired crack that is coming apart on the left side and the start of a crack in the side on the right.

bottom of the sides

And here’s what the bottom of the sides look like up close.

new drawer sides

In photo one you see the sides with one inch of damage removed and the new side pieces cut. In photo two the new bottom piece glued to original side. Now as you can see in the photo the glide is 3/4 inch wide now and matches the wider glides in the cabinet.

drawer final

In photo one you can see the side is 1/16 inch wider. The original drawer had a lot of side to side play so with the 1/16 on each side the drawer has less play and doesn’t jam anymore. Ok all I need to do is three more drawers like this and I turn it over to Linda.

red dresserAnd here is the finished dresser setting in the Antique Mall of Allen.

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